10 advantages of the VPS server

Learn about the main advantages of using a VPS or virtual private server in your web ventures.From faster loading times to more security, learn a little more about virtual servers and their many advantages. Every day more people and companies join the trend of contracting the services of a virtual server or VPS, and the reasons are more than understandable, since it is an alternative that offers many benefits.

In this case, it is a virtual partition within a physical server , so unique resources are assigned to each partition. Hence the increase in loading speed and security, since bandwidth is not shared, nor are IP addresses.

The virtual server or VPS is a great option when the shared server begins to show signs of failure due to a considerable increase in web traffic. However, beyond the practical part, many businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals are also beginning to adopt it to reduce security risks and thus prevent the leakage of sensitive data, such as personal data, card numbers, and addresses, which could facilitate identity theft, just to give an example.

What is a virtual server or VPS?

Before reviewing the advantages or benefits of hiring a virtual server, let’s quickly define what this term refers to. A virtual server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a method that consists of partitioning a physical server , with the advantage that exclusive resources are assigned to each partition.

The fact that they are assigned exclusive resources allows them, for example, to install any type of operating system and work with greater freedom. It is an intermediate solution between shared hosting and dedicated server.

In this case, a virtual server is more secure and gives more freedom than shared hosting, but it is less secure than a dedicated server. However, we must also consider the prices, since the dedicated server is a very expensive service and is not within the reach of most people, while the VPS is positioned as an ideal solution , because it combines the best of both. scopes with very affordable prices.

This type of hosting is also recommended for websites whose traffic is above average , where a quick and timely solution is required to provide a better user experience, in addition to the benefits it entails for the owner; without counting, of course, everything related to the issue of security.

Differences between VPS and shared and dedicated servers

There are some important differences that you should know between VPS and shared and dedicated servers. As we discussed earlier, the main difference is based on the exclusive resources .

Below we share some of the most interesting features between these storage modes:

Shared server.

This is the most common and used form; however, it is not highly recommended, because many security gaps are generated. The reasons? The same IP is used for everyone sharing the server, and they also share things like processor and memory. Hence when the traffic starts to increase, the page slows down.

Dedicated server.

In this case it is a single physical server for a single client, so all resources are exclusive. It enjoys greater security and speed, among many other benefits, but the cost is very high.

VPS server.

Various portions of a server are made on a completely individual basis. These partitions are virtually transformed into small dedicated servers, so that each client has its own memory and IP address. This greatly improves loading time and security.

In general, the VPS server is like a small dedicated server , and it shares practically the same characteristics, only on a smaller scale. In addition, those who have VPS forget about all the common problems that shared servers generate. Hence, it is positioned as a magnificent alternative among the three available storage modes.

Main advantages of the VPS server

Being clear about what a VPS server is, we are going to share some of the main advantages of using it:

Faster charging.

By not sharing RAM or storage, the web page loading process is considerably faster. This is a very important aspect for the service provider, but especially for the user, especially if we consider that we have a few seconds for them to decide to continue on the page, so if it takes a long time to load, the most it is likely that the user will end up leaving.


The other major advantage of virtual servers is privacy. The IP address is not shared, nor is the bandwidth. These aspects are decisive for the creation of a much safer space for all users.

Customize apps.

By having exclusive resources, it is possible to customize applications, install specific software, databases and many other functions. That freedom makes it easy to create more powerful and customizable websites.

increase capacity

The best thing about virtual servers is that they also allow you to increase their capacity as needed, so you always have the necessary space and memory to offer users the best possible experience.

Great value for the price.

Among the three storage modes, without a doubt, the VPS is positioned as the best based on its value for money. Dedicated server is very expensive and shared hosting may be fine to start with, but it will quickly fall short of everything you need; in addition to security breaches, a topic that is also very important.


Virtual servers or VPS, without a doubt, are the best alternative for many reasons. It is a solution within the reach of more people who need to go further in their ventures and seek to develop more customizable, secure and faster pages.


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