10 Benefits of water

Water is essential to life and is a key part of healthy living . The average adult body is 60% water, and even moderate dehydration as low as 2% of body weight can negatively impact cognitive function and physical performance. Encouraging a lifestyle based on proper hydration is important, since what we drink is as important as what we eat .

Most known and unknown benefits of water

Water is one of the main components of our body: taking it in the right quantity is essential for our psychophysical well-being . Thanks to its properties and the minerals it contains, water performs various functions within the body, some benefits are well known, others are unthinkable and little known.

Let’s find out what are the 10 benefits of water for the body and our well-being:

  1. Strengthens the immune system : drinking water helps protect against colds and seasonal ailments, as well as preventing the accumulation of salts in the kidneys which could cause the formation of stones . Furthermore, drinking water during the day helps maintain the correct blood density to avoid cardiovascular complications . It is also useful for bones, helping to keep them in shape and prevent arthritis.
  2. Regulates body temperature : Water is essential for regulating body temperature, especially after physical activity when you sweat a lot and your body gets cold. Drinking water helps keep the body temperature stable at around 36°.
  3. Purifies and promotes digestion : water makes it possible to eliminate toxins and waste materials that accumulate in the body. Proper hydration helps regulate the intestines, also relieving constipation problems.
  4. Helps recover energy and increase concentration : drinking helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness and improve our cognitive abilities , it makes us more concentrated and attentive.
  5. Helps to lose weight : a dehydrated body finds it difficult to metabolize fats: for this reason, those who drink little water may not be able to lose weight. Furthermore , drinking water regulates the stimulus of appetite and promotes a sense of satiety .
  6. Stimulates the metabolism : drinking the right amount of water stimulates the metabolism and burns more calories .
  7. It helps physical activity : for an athlete it is essential to drink water to feed the muscles with energy . It is recommended to drink before training because among other benefits of water is to reduce the risk of cramps, fatigue and sprains . Also drinking water after training helps replenish the liquids lost after physical activity .
  8. Makes skin brighter : hydration for face and body skin comes from the outside thanks to creams and fluids, but also from within. Drinking water helps to regenerate cells, prevent the formation of expression lines and eliminate accumulated toxins and bacteria.
  9. Prevents headaches : dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches, especially when the body is tired. So drinking the right amount of water helps prevent migraines.
  10. It makes you happier : hydration promotes the flow of nutrients and hormones in our body. This makes possible a better release of endorphins, those substances related to happiness.


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Why drinking is good for your health and for your body: the expert’s opinion

Dr. Alex Revelli Sorini, Professor of Communication in food culture at the San Raffaele University of Rome, explains why it is important to drink the right amount of water throughout the year, during the hot seasons as well as during the cold ones. “ Proper hydration, associated with a healthy diet, helps keep the body healthy : drinking water helps eliminate toxins and waste substances, normalizes body temperature, detoxifies and purifies the body, facilitates the transport of nourishment to the cells, helps digestion, maintains the correct humidity of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, fights fatigue and tiredness.” Dr. Revelli also recommends varying the type of mineral water you drink over time, perhaps alternating them every two months, so as to exploit the different qualities and typical properties of each water over the long term.

How much water to drink per day?

In general, experts recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, equal to an average of 2 liters . There may be some differences based on age, place where you live, physical condition, health status, seasonality and the habit of playing sports on a constant basis.


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When to drink water?

The average water consumption per day can be obtained by consuming

Drink water in the morning as soon as you wake up

It is recommended to drink a glass of water with breakfast. It helps to  dilute the acids that form any clumps of mineral salts in the kidneys.

Drink water before meals or after

For correct daily hydration, two glasses of water are recommended at lunch, two glasses of water at dinner and half a liter of water between meals.

Drink water before sleep and go to bed

Drinking a glass of water before going to sleep helps your mood and can positively affect your sleep-wake cycle.


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