100 characteristics of B2B marketing

Learn about the characteristics and strategies of b2b Marketing that you can take advantage of in your business.B2B marketing refers to a type of marketing focused directly on businesses or companies as end customers. That is to say, it is business-to-business, as its name says, because it is a company or business that tries to sell products or services to another company or business.

This means that B2B marketing, unlike B2C or consumer-focused marketing, has certain characteristics, particularities, and of course, a different approach in terms of its strategies.

Main characteristics of B2B marketing

purchase need

The first notable feature that can lay the foundation for understanding B2B marketing is the fact that while consumers tend to buy based on subjective factors, companies do so based on objective factors.

Therefore, the focus of any strategy aimed at selling to companies must be subject to offering greater profitability, efficiency, productivity , moving away from the usual and subjective topics associated with B2C marketing.

credibility and authority

Starting from the statement that the interested company has a product or service that is of interest to a market sector, it is understood that target customer segmentation is much easier to carry out , because the same limitations and attributes of the product or service allow it to be so.

This means that some strategies to attract attention, to publish interesting content and so on, are not profitable; but the commitment to credibility and authority is . And it is that companies usually associate with other companies whose credibility, authority, digital reputation and track record is impeccable and enviable.

In this sense, betting on the services of an SEO Agency for B2B SMEs is one of the best decisions that can be made, because they precisely emphasize all the factors that allow building trust and online reputation, especially if it is understood -as it is You will see below – that the purchasing processes are precisely subject to the trust, reputation and track record of the supplying company, many times.

Longer and larger processes

One last notable characteristic of B2B marketing is that it must be understood that the purchasing processes are much longer. And it is that while a consumer clicks on “Buy” and purchases their product , companies must hold meetings, negotiations, joint approvals of departments, quotes, and that can even take weeks.

For this reason, B2B marketing must always focus on personalized attention, specialization and superior knowledge about the sector and its demands, but at the same time, it must be recognized that the purchasing processes, although they are more extensive, tend to be more large in terms of number of units sold, contracted services and income received , so any effort to do B2B marketing in a business usually bears good fruit.

Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

The main needs to be resolved in a B2B marketing strategy are to increase authority and reputation with the target audience, capture quality leads, and of course, sell. In that sense, some strategies are usually effective:

Brand identity.

Through content, coherence, and constancy, creating a brand identity makes it possible to generate intellectual leadership and an aura of greater authority or online reputation.

Humanization of communications.

Regardless of the size of the companies, customers like to be served in a natural, human, personalized way. It is, within B2B marketing, one of the strategies that pays off the most when it comes to recurring purchases.

Email marketing.

The preferred communication channel in B2B marketing is email. For obvious reasons. Devoting most of your resources to nurturing your lead database and email campaigns is always the right decision.

Sponsored content.

Businesses that sell products or services to other businesses must post quality, original, authoritative content. The ideal channel is through the media consumed by managers or people with decision-making capacity of the “target” companies. Sponsored content is, then, one of the best strategies in this regard.


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