How to activate low consumption mode automatically

The Achilles heel of any technology these days is battery life. Not because these are tricks or have little capacity, but because our mobile devices do so many things (unthinkable years ago) that they consume energy at a higher rate. GPS, notifications, background updates, music or video players, games, health applications and so on, a long list of apps that use up the battery of our equipment.

Fortunately, in addition to the redesign each year of more efficient chips, better screens and faster charges, we have the low power mode that we already know. A setting that we can activate manually, with which we can extend the battery of our equipment without having to stop enjoying our iPhone, iPad or even our Mac equipment . Today and to improve this adjustment, we are going to teach you how to activate the low consumption mode automatically to save battery life on the iPhone or iPad without realizing it.

How to activate low consumption mode automatically

  • The first thing we will do is enter the Shortcuts or Shortcutsapplication .
  • Within the Shortcuts app, click on the bottom where it says Automation, click on the + sign (top right) and select ‘Create personal automation’.
  • The first thing we have to look for is the ‘battery’ section and we select the one that says ‘Battery level’.
  • We select the battery level at which we want the low consumption mode to be activated. We usually put it when it reaches 35-40% battery.
  • Now click on add action and in the search bar we write ‘battery’ to select ‘Define low consumption mode’ and click on next (upper right corner).
  • If you want all this to be automatic and no confirmation notice appears, we have to deactivate the request for confirmation. This will cause everything to be done automatically and without requiring any action on our part.

Just accept everything and everything will be ready to activate the next time our battery percentage reaches where you have selected. This action will be stored within the iOS Shortcuts application, which we can edit to add more actions (we have also added that the screen brightness go down to a minimum to save even more battery), deactivate or even eliminate it.

A great system with which we will be able to save the battery of our iPhone or iPad automatically, until we can recharge them.

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