How to activate the sound when turning on the iPhone 14

One of the novelties of iOS 16 for iPhone 14 users is the possibility for our iPhone to emit a sound both when turning on the terminal and when turning it off. A system similar to the one we currently have in Mac computers , which notifies us that a computer has been turned on or off.

Initially , this new function is designed for users with visual difficulties (hence, it is within the accessibility section as we will see later), to help them know if their iPhone 14 has been turned on/off . The reason that it is only available on this iPhone model is because the sound is stored in the firmware of the A16 Bionic Chip, so the rest will not be able to do so until the entire operating system is finished loading.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have an iPhone 14 and want to try this new accessibility tweak , the path to enable/disable it is very simple.

How to activate the sound when turning on the iPhone 14

  1. We open the settingsof our iPhone 14.
  2. We enter the ‘ Accessibility‘ section.
  3. Within accessibility we look for ‘ Audio/Visual‘.
  4. We activate the part where it says ‘ Sound on and off‘.

From this moment on, our iPhone 14 (and it is assumed that future versions of iPhone) will emit a sound ( Chime ) every time we turn our terminal on or off. A help for people with visual problems to know if their equipment is on or not.

Once again Apple shows off its intention that all its equipment can be used by all users regardless of their age, culture, condition, etc. In fact Apple has been awarded several times for its work with the accessibility of its equipment .

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