How to check the version of the AirTag

Apple AirTags have become inseparable companions for their users. A team with which to keep track of all our most precious objects (keys, backpacks, suitcases, bikes and even cars), locating them thanks to the worldwide iPhone/iPad network and the ‘ Find my ‘ application. A technological team that, like everyone else, improves in performance with each new version Apple launches, but how can I check which version of my AirTag is? How is it updated?

The system to check the version of the AirTag is very simple, although not intuitive as you can see below.

How to check the version of the AirTag

  • We open the ‘ Search‘ application on the iPhone or iPad.
  • At the bottom we select the ‘Obj etos‘ section.
  • Click on the AirTag.
  • We now touch the batteryicon .
  • When doing so, the serial number and the firmware version of that AirTagwill appear (currently it is on version 1.0.301)

How to update an AirTag

The system to update an AirTag is somewhat… let’s say ethereal. As with AirPods , it is a leap of faith that we cannot force in any way, but that we can ‘induce’ to update as you will see below.

  • We put the AirTag that we want to update and the iPhone close to each other.
  • We open the Searchapp on the iPhone and check the version of the AirTag as we saw previously.
  • If we don’t have the latest version, after a while it will begin to download to the computerwithout the need to have the Find My application open.

We can do little more to update the AirTag than wait for its new version to be downloaded automatically. It would be desirable that in the future Apple added a small button to check the available version of both AirPods and AirTags, to update them manually. But until that moment arrives, it only remains to watch and wait.

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