How to close apps on Apple Watch

If you are an Apple Watch user, you will have noticed that its applications do not usually crash and do not need to be closed. We say not usually, because although it is not necessary, it is interesting to know how we can close them or even force their closure, in the event that one of them does not work as it should.

Apple manufactures its equipment with almost the same characteristics of use. It doesn’t matter if we use an iPhone , an iPad or an Apple Watch . Even though they have different operating systems, they all share apps, settings, and the way they’re used. So if we know how to close apps on both iPhone and iPad, how do you close apps on Apple Watch? And in case you need it, is there a way to force close an app on Apple Watch?

Today we are going to review the two ways to keep the applications of our apple device under control.

How to close apps on Apple Watch

  • We press the side buttonof the Apple Watch.
  • The list of applications that we have open will appear. We slide to the leftthe one we want to close.
  • Click on the close iconthat appears when sliding.

In this simple way we can close an application on the Apple Watch to prevent it from consuming our equipment’s resources or battery, or even to solve a bug that it was presenting. In the case of application crashes or that it does not respond, as in iPhone or iPad, we can also force it to close.

How to force close apps on Apple Watch

  • We open the applicationthat does not work correctly
  • Press and hold the side buttonuntil the shutdown screen appears.
  • Press and hold the digital crownuntil it transitions to the icon of the application that we just closed.

In this way and in seconds we will have forced the complete closure of an application on Apple Watch . If we click on said application again, we will notice that it does not open immediately, needing a couple of seconds to open and reload all the information.

Two little-known systems that are worth learning about, since they can save us from a specific problem with an application.

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