How to edit our credit cards stored in Safari

iCloud allows us to have a multitude of files, websites , movies and series , passwords, addresses and even credit cards synchronized between our computers. The latter is something very useful for those who make purchases online, who in this way avoid having to look in their wallet for the card to pay for their purchases.

Some time ago we taught you how to save a credit card in iCloud , and today we are going to review where you can find it and how to edit it in case you want to delete it because it has expired (or you have lost it), or even personalize it with a name to Identify them if you have more than one saved in Safari .

How to edit or manage credit cards in Safari

  • We enter the settings of our iPhone or iPad.
  • Within the settings we look for the Safarisection and access its settings.
  • We search and click on Autofill.
  • At the bottom we find the Saved Credit Cards section.

Here we can see the different cards that we have stored in Safari (and synchronized through iCloud), where we can also delete or edit them to add different data such as the name of the cardholder, the expiration date or even the description that we want to add to recognize it. in case of having several cards.

A very useful setting, which we recommend you review and edit to have the cards we use to pay with our iPhone or iPad correctly configured.

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