How to FaceTime Android Phones or Computers

One of the big new features in iOS 16 is the ability to make FaceTime calls to Android or Windows phones. A function until now exclusive to the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad and Mac) that finally makes the leap to other platforms for the benefit of users.

FaceTime is a native Apple application with which we can make calls or video calls to our contacts using our team’s data network, that is, the Internet. A very complete application based on Apple’s privacy, which in the case of video calls allows us a large number of options:

  • Make a video call with up to 32 users at the same time.
  • Use effects, emojis, stickers and backgrounds
  • Always be focused on the image even when we move thanks to Center Stage(only with compatible equipment)
  • Use portrait mode live or even isolate our voiceby removing background noise.

How to FaceTime Android Phones or Computers

Making a FaceTime call to an Android terminal or even with a computer is very simple. Unlike iPhone, iPad or Mac users who will receive calls directly on their terminals, to connect with equipment from other platforms we will have to previously send them a link via Mail to connect.

  • To do so, we simply have to enter the FaceTimeapplication from our iPhone, iPad or Mac and click on the create link button that appears on the left.
  • We select the method to share the link that is created automatically. In the event that we have chosen to use the Mail to share the FaceTimelink , we will have to put and send them.

Once they have received the email with the FaceTime link , users will only have to click on them, put their name and give permission to use the microphone and camera (in case of a video call) to use FaceTime regardless of what it is. the operating system they use on their computers.

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