How to hide our email when sending an email

Apple introduced new features to protect our privacy in macOS , iOS and iPadOS. The best known is Private Relay , which has been a real setback for companies that traded with our data (Facebook has lost more than 100,000 million for actions like this one that Apple has introduced). However, there is another very interesting function called ‘Hide Mail’ that allows us to keep up with companies and users without having to reveal our email.

manual function that we can use manually and that will prevent us from receiving a lot of SPAM after making a query, requesting a quote or any action that involves providing our real emails and that will end up in databases.

How to hide our email address when sending an email

The system to hide our email when sending an Email works on both Mac and iPhone and iPad. A relatively new system, but very useful to send or answer an email to a company or person that we do not want to have our real address, thus getting rid of SPAM that could send us to our address.

  • We open the Mail applicationon our computers and compose a new email.
  • Whether we are on a Mac, iPhone or iPad, in the upper section where we enter the recipient’s email, the subject and the peoplein the copy, we will have to click on the From: section to display it.
  • From the options that appear we select ‘Hide my email’, creating the system a random email address.
  • We finish writing the body of the Mail and send it.

By selecting ‘Hide my email’, iCloud will create a specific address for the recipient of this email , who will never see our real address, but will be able to answer us safely.

The question that you all usually ask at this point is where do the emails arrive when they answer us? . As we explained at the beginning of the article, ‘ Hide my email’ is part of the latest data protection systems together with ‘ Private Relay ‘ and as such you can configure where you want these emails to be received even if the other party is not capable of to see the real address. To do this, just check Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Hide my email> At the bottom select the email in ‘Forward to’

Of course, this is a great system for requesting quotes, consulting companies, writing complaint emails, etc… without running the risk of being added to distribution lists or databases to ‘fry’ informative emails that flood our inboxes .


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