How to improve photos with artificial intelligence?

How to improve photos with artificial intelligence?What is and how does a photo editor with Artificial Intelligence work? In this note you will find the answer.What is and how does a photo editor with Artificial Intelligence work? In this note you will find the answer.It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And on the internet it may be true, since it is one of the most usable and attractive content formats, which is why tens of millions of them are shared every day and some social networks are entirely designed to give prominence to photos.

But many times it happens that the photos that you want to use -for any purpose- do not comply with the format you are looking for, with the desired resolution, with a well calibrated color profile, so you must resort to editing. And although some situations may involve scaling, color correction, or basic editing, the ideal is to have tools that provide quality and speed.

The balance between quality and speed

Not all people who work with photos on a daily basis master professional editing programs from cover to cover. And many times it is necessary to have more speed than meticulousness , so editing one hour per photo, for jobs with dozens of photos, can be counterproductive in every way.

In these cases, speed must also prevail. There are hundreds of basic editor websites on the internet, some even batch editing, that promise results that they can’t really achieve, because they use very elementary systems to make the edits.

For this reason, when you want to work with photos to increase their quality, reduce their weight, change their resolution, but even with all the retouching, not to lose the transmission of the message or the level of definition, it is best to opt for the most interesting tools. that exist today: photo editors that work with artificial intelligence (AI).

What is and how does a photo editor with Artificial Intelligence work?

When looking for exponentially superior results when editing photos, improving an image as OVANCE explains with resources based on Artificial Intelligence may be the best possible decision. However, to find the advantages of the method, an approach to the basic theory of its operation is first necessary.

Photo editors based on Artificial Intelligence use automatic learning systems -in English, Machine Learning- to establish action protocols or algorithms based on big data and from there know how to recognize common parameters in photos, and then edit what is convenient for them. according to user needs.

Thanks to this operation, much more complex than the APIs used by conventional online editors, it is possible that editors based on Artificial Intelligence can recognize the parameters required to scale a 600×400 photo to high resolutions such as 3000 pixels, without This represents a loss of definition or visual quality , since the scaling is done using machine learning resources, which have no place in APIs, due to their inherent complexity.

Editors with Artificial Intelligence that are worth trying

There are not a few Artificial Intelligence-based photo editing services that work on the web, since most are distributed as specialized software solutions. However, some of the best known and that keep high quality in the results they offer are those that are indicated below:


It is a tool that has free and paid versions, and is widely known for its scaling capabilities based on machine learning powered by neural networks. The results that it can offer -at least in the free version- are a maximum of 15 MP x 15 MP, enough for most professional projects, with a scaling capacity of up to x4, except in the professional version where the possibilities of working they expand.

AI Image Enlarger

This tool is a little more cautious in terms of its operation, but with enough power to carry out image enhancement work. Unlike the neural networks of the former, this tool works with advanced algorithms that are fed back by deep learning.


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