How to insert a Video in HTML

I share with you how you can embed a video in HTML, as well as the options you can use to host and share it.Video has become one of the most used means of communication on the Internet, we can find videos of different types and if we use it in the right way, video becomes a powerful medium to gain the attention of our users.Thanks to HTML5 it becomes very easy to incorporate a video, which we host on our hosting, on our website.

However, from my point of view, this is not recommended, because if we have many views on that video, if we do not have adequate resources (processor, RAM, etc.) our website could crash.

To avoid this, it is best to use one of the video hosting resources that are available, many of them for free. In this note we will see how we can insert a video in HTML using some of these services.

How to embed a YouTube Video in HTML

YouTube is one of the best known and used web hosting services, the vast majority of videos can be inserted into a web page or blog post. It is enough that the CMS where you are developing your site allows you to insert HTML code so that you can insert the video.To facilitate this topic I leave you a video that illustrates how to insert a YouTube video in HTML.

In this video you will see the following points:

  1. Get the HTML code of the video in YouTube embed
  2. How to insert the YouTube video in HTML to Google Sites
  3. How to insert Youtube video in HTML to Blogger
  4. How to insert the YouTube video into an HTML document hosted on a Web Hosting

How to embed a Vimeo Video in HTML

Vimeo is another of the services that allows us to host a video for free, the free plan offers us 5GB of storage, plus we have video editing and recording tools as well. You can create a free account using your google account.

👉 Create a Vimeo account 👈

Once you upload your video you just have to locate the share option and then the embed symbol marked by </> in this way you can get the HTML code of the video to embed it. I exemplify this process of visual formation in the following image.

How to embed a Canva video in HTML

A closely guarded secret of Canva is that it will not only allow us to create videos, but it also allows us to host videos. The free Canva account gives us 5GB, the educational account gives us 100GB of space, while the PRO account gives us 1TB.

The space we will have to store videos depends on the type of account we have, to describe the video hosting processes and how to obtain the HTML code of the video to be inserted, I share a video where you can see these processes.

How to insert a Video in HTML

In case you want to directly host the video to embed on your website, without using any video hosting service, the first thing you should do is upload the video to your web hosting and then generate the code to embed it.


To make this insertion easier, I recommend using the Video HTML Generator from Web Code Tools, you just have to adjust the parameters requested by the form and with that you will be able to insert a video in HTML. I leave the link below.



Video HTML Generator



Today we have many options to host our videos, I consider that using these spaces to share our videos from our website are the best idea, since we will be drastically reducing the load on our web hosting.

In all cases except using HTML video embed, you can use your Gmail account to link with YouTube, Vimeo, and Canva.


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