How to install wifi security cameras at home to watch online

It is known that security today is an important issue, so surveillance cameras are very common in all types of facilities and more popular as a security system. If we are looking for How to install Wi-Fi security cameras at home to see online , today in 10BEST we will have a breakdown of options and ideas to take into account to do it correctly.

Install wifi security cameras

When we want a security system beyond its characteristics, we must choose the most appropriate models for our installation. The camera models, recorders, and technology to use will depend on where we need to install the cameras, what we want to see, and their ultimate goal.

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There are many technologies in Closed Circuit Television, analogue, ip, hdcvi, etc, and in general the operation is similar, the camera through the CCD obtains an image that it transforms and sends through a cable to a digital recorder, and this DVR stores that information for display on a monitor.

We must choose the most suitable model of camera for our installation from the many offered by the market, the most appropriate digital recorder for our needs, and the technology that best suits our installation architecture and final objective.

When we talk about WiFi cameras, they are wireless IP cameras that can be connected to a WiFi computer, tablet or smartphone.

IP cameras or network cameras are security cameras that form a unit with a computer. Therefore, they have their own IP address, which contains the set of numbers that identifies an interface on the network.

How are these cameras?

They are composed of the lens, an image sensor, processors and memory. They differ from the traditional CCTV system since they can send images directly to the network, with superior video quality and a greater range of data transmission.

Outstanding features:

  • IP cameras can be wired. That is, they can use the cable of the computer installation to transmit data in the form of images. They can also be wireless.
  • Network cameras also differ from webcams in that they can be connected directly to the network, while the former can only be connected to a computer.
  • If they are wireless, we call them WiFi cameras, since they use this technology to work with the advantage that they can connect with each other and with other devices.

How WiFi cameras work

WiFi cameras allow surveillance from a computer or mobile device in real time. They have a “mouse” that allows you to rotate the camera and observe different points.

These cameras need electrical current or rechargeable batteries. They are configured through an application that is downloaded to the computer or cell phone. They have a microphone to listen to the ambient sound and a speaker that also allows you to talk at a distance. In addition, they have a micro SD card for recording images.

  • It connects to the network like any other device, although the configuration varies by model. The camera should detect the WiFi network.
  • In case the router and the camera have WPS function, pressing the corresponding buttons of both items to synchronize them.
  • There is a wide variety of models of WiFi IP cameras, from home or individual to equipment for industry and commerce.

Also equipment for indoors or outdoors, although currently it is possible to get “kit” formats that include various features and can be expanded according to the needs of the user. In turn, they can be combined with home automation allowing to expand the benefits.

How to install WiFi security cameras

WiFi security cameras are easier to install than conventional equipment, but it is recommended that this work be done by a professional, since the physical installation of the device includes the configuration of the application. In addition, issues related to the protection of personal data must be taken into account.

  • First you must download the corresponding application and install it on the cell phone or mobile device from which you are going to control the security camera.
  • Once the application is installed, I followed the steps for the system to recognize the camera, such as scanning a QR code, and assign it an identification number. Enter the password and the connection between both devices should automatically be established.
  • From the application you will be able to see and enlarge the images transmitted by the camera, change the viewing angle, add cameras and configure according to the user’s needs.

WiFi security cameras are widely used due to their low cost and easy installation, but they are also quite vulnerable from a digital point of view, so it is necessary to take certain precautions:

The camera must encode the information it transmits. Otherwise, the data could be viewed by other people. I purchased a camera that is compatible with the most up-to-date security protocols. Keep your camera software up to date.

Set the camera to require entering a password for activation and verify that the password is strong. Put security measures in place on your cell phone or mobile device from which the camera is controlled, such as password protection and a secure Wi-Fi connection.

WIFI security cameras, which one is good?

Home security cameras are used and applied more and more. Currently we can choose from a large number of surveillance cameras. These are some of the features to consider:

Existing cameras:

  • Those that are of the surveillance camera type; there are fixed and perfectly visible but also that are hidden or camouflaged.
  • There are mobile ones up to 360 degrees and there are fixed wide-angle ones. We must meditate on which option we need, because the more complete they are, the higher the price.
  • Resolution. The quality of the recordings will depend on this factor, although in general for domestic use they already have enough resolution, we can get at least a 720p resolution, which is equivalent to HD.

Other extra features that can come in handy is if it has night vision, as well as its connection, the type of sensor it has and obviously the manufacturer’s brand.

What is the best security camera today?

The Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360° is currently the most valued option and it is not without good reasons. Despite having a very reasonable price, it is equipped with dual motors, allowing the device to rotate up, down, left and right without any restrictions.

With a 360° horizontal and 115° vertical viewing angle, panoramic viewing is achieved by eliminating dead spots. Image quality is 1080p.

It is a very versatile surveillance camera with many interesting options. It is configured through the mobile application “Mi Home” and the process is very intuitive, as it has an assistant that explains the steps to follow. The camera has very good quality and has an infrared sensor to improve night vision.


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