How to make inbound sales

Learn to make inbound sales, use attraction marketing to contact your potential customers.

The concept of inbound sales , is derived from the concept of Inbound Marketing, translated into Spanish would be as Attraction Marketing, the main axis of this marketing methodology, is that the user is the one who searches and finds our product or service.

To achieve this, methods are developed to attract the potential user or client to provide him with the information he requires and the necessary confidence so that he can make a purchase decision.

What are inbound sales?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the note, inbound sales is a derivative of inbound marketing, so we can define it in the same way, its translation into Spanish would be attraction sales.

According to the inbound sales methodology, we find the following steps:

To identify.

It consists of giving priority to contacts who show an interest in more information, in carrying out a purchase process, etc.


After identifying potential customers, it is necessary to personalize the message and the information provided to answer their questions.


Through conversation it is important to detect the objectives that the client pursues, to provide more information.


Based on the above, now we have to provide the appropriate advice to help the client achieve those objectives through the use of our product and service. At this point, honesty is crucial to avoid creating false expectations.

The methodology is supported by digital media.

It is very important to understand that the previously mentioned methodology is supported by digital media in order to amplify user attention. Based on this, I want to share with you the digital platforms that I use in a project, to apply this methodology

You can see the project in question at the following address

Zyro to create my website.

Zyro is an online platform that allows us to create our website, it is a very simple but powerful tool that will help us build our website, in such a way that it is the backbone of our inbound sales strategy.

Social networks

To generate more conversation with potential customers, it is advisable to connect whatsapp or facebook messenger to your website. One of the advantages that Zyro has is that it allows you to integrate these elements very easily. In my case, for the aforementioned project, integrate with facebook messenger, for which it is necessary that you create a fanpage, to carry out the integration, you will be able to manage the messages from the inbox of your fanpage.

To integrate the messenger you just have to go to the Manage section in the Zyro Panel

Within the menu on the left, choose the integrations option , so you can see all the tools that you can integrate, already within the integrations option, just locate the Messenger Chat option and in the box place the facebook page ID .

It only remains to wait a few hours for the chat button to appear on your website. This tool will help you generate many conversations with your potential customers, so don’t forget to integrate it into your website.

Email Marketing

The Zyro platform will also allow you to create forms to integrate them into your site, this will be very useful since with them you will be able to generate leads or contacts of potential clients, here the conversation will take place by mail.

I suggest that you add an additional field where you request permission to send information, you can use email marketing management platforms, such as Mailchimp  to manage your contacts and send them information about offers, new products, etc.

In this way you will be creating a fan base that can become your future users or clients.

In conclusion

How you will be able to see the use of digital media is key so that your inbound sales strategy can come to fruition, the center of this strategy is the conversation and thanks to the existing social platforms, we have a great diversity of communities where we can generate content for attract potential customers or users.

One of the maxims that we must have is that people like to buy, but they do not like to be sold. That is why we must generate enough information to attract the customer, build a relationship of trust and ultimately make the purchase decision.

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