How to protect the information of your widgets on the lock screen with iOS 16

The arrival of iOS 16 has added a multitude of new options and functions to our iPhone . One of the most outstanding is a new lock screen to which we can add application widgets in which to have information at a glance. The problem is that said ‘sensitive’ information may not want it to be within the reach of all eyes, even more so when we have the always-on screen activated on the new iPhone 14 .

Apple has gone ahead of all those who want to benefit from this new function, but who are also very jealous of their privacy and do not want to expose their data. For this reason, there is an adjustment with which to be able to block the information until the iPhone detects that we are the ones who have the equipment thanks to Face ID , just as we did so far with notifications on iPhone or iPad .

How to protect the information of your widgets on the lock screen with iOS 16

  • We access the settings of our iPhone.
  • Once inside, we look for the Face ID and Code section, and enter the unlock code for our iPhone.
  • We scroll through the different options that appear and look for the one that says ‘ Widgets(Lock screen)’ to deactivate it.

From this moment on , the iPhone lock screen widgets will continue to appear but without displaying any information, until Face ID detects that we are the ones in front of the iPhone. A comfortable and simple system to take advantage of the new features of iOS 16 on our computers, while we actively protect our information thanks to Face ID.

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