How to schedule the sending of an email in iOS 16

Another of the novelties of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 is the possibility of scheduling the sending of an email. A functionality that, along with widgets and keyboard response , has been included in Apple’s operating system to stay and give another boost to the native mail application. If you are one of those who needed to advance work with their emails and have them sent on a certain date, we will explain how to do it with the iPhone or iPad in five easy steps.

How to schedule the sending of an email in iOS 16

With the arrival of iOS 16, programming the sending of an email using the Mail application of our iPhone or iPad is very simple. Forget about having to use shortcuts or even third-party apps, since now the system offers us the possibility of deciding the exact day and time of the shipment. To do so, just follow these steps:

  • We open the Mail application on our iPhone or iPad.
  • We write the email that we want adding the subject and the address where we want to send it.
  • We hold down the arrow-shaped send button.
  • Now we can choose between several options:
    • Send now
    • Send tonight (21:00)
    • Send tomorrow (8:00)
    • Send later.
  • We select the last option and choose both the sending date and the time at which we want it to be sent and click OK

As you can see on this programming screen, a notice appears reminding us of the need for the equipment in question to be turned on and have an internet connection to be able to send it, so do not turn off the iPhone or iPad because it will not be sent.

In the event that you want to edit the message or change the date/time it was sent, you can access it through the ‘Send later’ mailbox that appears in the sidebar next to the rest of the trays of the mail application.

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