How to undo sending an email

How many times have we sent an email and realized that we had forgotten to add the attached documents, or that the final sentence is not what we wanted, or that we had even forgotten to add the signature. Something that thanks to the innovations included in the latest updates to Apple’s operating systems ( iOS 16 , iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura ) we can easily solve since now we can undo the sending of an email.

If a few days ago we talked about the possibility of programming the sending of an email , today we are going to show you how to cancel the sending of an email once we have pressed the send button. An action that, as we tell you, will allow us to reissue the email, save it as a draft or delete it within a reasonable time that we can also customize.

How to undo sending an email

Setting the time to undo send

The first thing we have to do is configure the margin time that we want to have to undo the sending of an email. As a general rule, the default time is 10 seconds, although we can increase this reaction time to 20 or 30 seconds (as we want), to have plenty of time. To do this, we will only have to follow these steps:

  • We access the settingsof our team.
  • We enter the Mailsettings .
  • Look for the part that says ‘ Undo Send Delay‘ at the very bottom.
  • We select the timewe want (or deactivate).

In the case of wanting to adjust this time from the macOS mail application, we access the Mail settings and in the ‘Writing’ section we will find the same setting as on iPhone and iPad.

How to undo sending an email

  • We open the Mail application of the iPhone, iPad or Mac and after writing it, click on the send button.
  • Immediately after clicking on the send button, a new ‘ Unsend‘ button will appear at the bottom of the mail application (just where the emails appear) which, after clicking it, will take us back to the email we had written.
  • Now we can reissue it, add forgotten attachments, schedule its deliveryor even cancel it to save the message in drafts.

With these simple steps and thanks to iOS 16 we can finally undo the sending of those emails that we have sent by mistake because we have left something unwritten or attached, or because we simply should not have sent.

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