How to work productively from home

I share some tips so you can work productively from home.The great boom in working from home that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and post-pandemic has brought with it numerous challenges that we must face and overcome to maintain or increase our productivity.

Although working from home or home office is seen as one of the great dreams of every employee, collaborator or entrepreneur, the reality is that this is not always the case.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to go to the home office to continue working from home, however, during the time of confinement, all the roles we played in different areas coexisted in one that was our home, this came to represent stress problems and other emotional situations that occurred.

This is something that occurs within the work at home, so it is necessary to establish spaces and times, within our house, to develop the roles that we have in it.

After all of the above, I want to share some tips that have helped me a lot to improve my productivity from home.

  1. Have the appropriate technological infrastructure.

When I speak of technological infrastructure, I refer specifically to two issues.

– Have a good internet . Undoubtedly, the use of the Internet in our home is very intense, we connect mobile devices, we watch movies from streaming channels, other types of smart devices that consume bandwidth may also be connected.

That is why it is very necessary to have an internet connection, preferably fiber optic and with the highest bandwidth that our pocket allows, at least 30 Megabytes will be of great help, especially if we share the connection with the aforementioned devices.

– Have a good computer equipment. Preferably you must have a good computer, my recommendation would be a desktop computer or a notebook. I would not recommend the use of tablets because it is important to have a good screen size, especially because of the tiredness in the eyes that we can have, having a good size monitor will allow us to resist the work that we are developing for longer. I invite you to read the note  Tips for choosing a desktop computer , so you can have more information about it.

  1. Have an adequate space to work.

It is very important to allocate a space in our home that has adequate lighting and ventilation, this is necessary since space is key to being more productive, we must take care of noise levels, so headphones are also necessary, since the level ambient noise can sometimes be very annoying.

An orderly space is important since if it is not like this, we can generate distractions when working and this will cause low productivity.

  1. Focus

This point is key, our productivity is based on focus, beyond doing many things at once or multitasking as it is called, we need to focus on doing one thing at a time so that we can increase our productivity.

At this point the two previous points converge since, without a good technological infrastructure, we can develop stress when our team is not agile in carrying out tasks, or having an inadequate space can constantly distract us from the development of our activities.

This is one of the biggest challenges we have in the home office, because at home there are thousands of distractions, so we need to do what is necessary to maintain focus on the development of our tasks.

  1. You need to develop a work management method.

This point is just as important since the work management method will allow you to keep track of the activities that you are about to carry out, those that are in process and those that you have already carried out in such a way that you can keep track of all the activities by realize.

There are different methods such as Gantt charts, the Kanban method, mind maps, among many others. I leave you a video where I talk about project management and I mention various tools that will help you to better manage your work.

Being productive at home is possible.

Undoubtedly, the home office or work from home will be a topic that we will be hearing about more constantly, we are just entering this type of work en masse, so we are not surprised that there will be many changes in its conception and development.

Without a doubt, the big question is whether this will help us to be more productive and reduce stress loads, or will it be the opposite.

Do you like to work from home or do you prefer to do it in the office?


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