Miro: everything you need to know

This Miro application is perfect for teamwork as many people can be connected at the same time. Sometimes a product is being developed and it is necessary to add status but also deadlines for the steps that must be followed. The different templates that Miro provides, also diverse in colors that can be customized, provide a solution when it is necessary to organize a project.

concept map is key at work and also in personal life. They can help make decisive decisions in both areas. There are several tool options to be able to develop them, but one shines with its own light: Miro. Thanks to the options it has, both in terms of design and features, you can do brainstorming, mind maps and let your creativity run wild.

With more than 30 million users and 9 out of 10 Fortune 100 companies using it, Miro has become the best option for people of different profiles such as graphic or UX designers, marketing and advertising agency staff or who also do consultancies. Mind maps are also a great option when you need to make a decision regarding your future or issues other than work. Also to be able to organize personal time, which is becoming increasingly important to safeguard mental and physical balance.

I watch, share and collaborate with a click

In an age where time is a precious value, the ease of sharing information and work files helps to reduce time and optimize work. Beyond the person who has created the whiteboard there are also levels for collaborators. Some will only be able to view the file, while others will be able to comment and also make edits.

If there are several projects at the same time, folders can be created to keep them separate and thus not confuse files. Collaboration, especially in times of remote work, has served to connect people and distance disappears. You can be working from anywhere in the world and be able to connect remotely to get your work done.

In modern times, Miro is also a great option for freelancers since you don’t need to pay to use the application. The free version has many useful features and templates can be used, so it is not only suitable for a specific type of work, but can be done from brainstorming to developing a business Canvas.

However, if you need to be able to use all the features of the platform, there are payment plans according to your needs. For example, there are plans where you can use all the templates, you have unlimited visits, you can manage private whiteboards, others with unlimited guests, Miro diagramming, Miro Smart Meetings and other new features that can only be accessed when the service is contracted.

Updates for a better experience

Miro is constantly improving. That is why there are some details that also make a difference. For example, to prevent an unexpected change from being made to the whiteboard when moving within it, you must right-click and hold to then scroll. In addition, to select several elements at the same time you must press the left click and drag to be able to move them.

In addition, thinking of having more options to create whiteboards, Microsoft Teams users will now be able to use them without being required to have a platform account. Just add the Miro App to the workspace and it can be used both in real time and out of sync. This association opens the doors to diversification so that more people can do their own projects.

In conclusion, we can say that Miro is renewing its functions more and more and provides new features that make it the ideal platform to develop projects or ideas that can be disruptive and become a reality in the near future. This is the perfect time to test all the features.


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