TOP 10 essential accessories for your Mac

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  • Macally ECOFANPRO2: a bamboo stand with a fan
  • Novodio Pocket Keyboard: the foldable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Novodio iSync Keyboard: the multi-connection keyboard
  • LandingZONE Dock: Docking Station for MacBook Pro
  • Thule Strive – Mochila para portátil
  • Cover MacBook Novodio – Protection MacBook
  • Novodio Power’n Share – Multi-function multimedia box
  • iClooly U-Board – Office tablet
  • Storeva Arrow Type C – External Hard Drive
  • Airwheel scooter – Electric and foldable

While some are still basking in the sun, others are already thinking about the start of the school year in September. You might be thinking about back to school shopping for your kids (so much fun, right? 😉). What could be better than going back to school or work with new equipment and accessories?Advertisement

Here are the 10 essential accessories for your Mac to start the new school year off right.

Macally ECOFANPRO2: a bamboo stand with a fan

Use your MacBook (or any other laptop up to 17″) on a bamboo stand! How could you not fall in love with this Macally stand with a rather elegant design?! In addition to its aesthetics, this bamboo support is respectful with the environment. This is the support for all those who want to preserve nature. This MacBook stand features a large fan to dissipate heat efficiently, while remaining quiet. Works on a plain USB-A plug with an adapter so you don’t lose your port! Also adjust the height (five different positions available) to suit your use.

Novodio Pocket Keyboard: the foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Have you dreamed of being able to take your tablet everywhere and transform it into a real laptop? Then use the Novodio pocket keyboard! It is compatible with your computer, Apple TV, tablet or smartphone with built-in Bluetooth. This foldable keyboard lets you take the typing comfort of a keyboard with you anywhere. The battery lasts about 85 hours after 4 hours of charging. Ultra-compact, QWERTY type, with built-in iOS shortcuts, this keyboard has everything to appeal to people who need to take their keyboard with them.

Novodio iSync Keyboard: the multi-connection keyboard

Do you need a keyboard that can connect to multiple devices and be able to switch between them whenever you want? The Novodio iSync keyboard meets your expectations with a simple click. Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, using this keyboard on these different devices is child’s play thanks to Bluetooth. The keys are low profile for comfort. Optimized for Mac, the multi-connection keyboard integrates many Mac OS and iOS specific keys. The iSync Keyboard is QWERTY and incorporates a numeric keypad for greater comfort when using it. Battery operated, goes into standby mode after 30 minutes so you don’t run out of battery prematurely.

LandingZONE Dock: Docking Station for MacBook Pro

To keep your MacBook Pro running strong, treat yourself to a LandingZONE docking station. With this dock, you will have no less than 5 additional USB ports, but also an Ethernet port. An HDMI port is also present on this MacBook Pro docking station to be able to connect a display. Do you want to listen to your music? Connect the speakers to the audio output, which does not obstruct the audio output already present on your machine. Also equipped with a security port, you can connect a Kensington cable to secure your MacBook Pro. Take advantage of this dock to be able to multiply your connections and use your MacBook to its maximum functionality.

Thule Strive – Mochila para portátil

Do you want to transport your MacBook, iPad or iPhone safely? Your solution is the Thule Strävan backpack. This bag is specially designed for your machines with special padded and fabric-lined compartments. So you don’t have to worry about bumps or scratches. The backpack also benefits from an extra padded pocket for even more protection. The corners also have additional foam reinforcement. Everything is provided so that you can easily and quickly handle the devices you want to put in the bag. Removable ventilated padded shoulder strap, water and abrasion resistant padded cover, this is the ultimate protective bag.

Cover MacBook Novodio – Protection MacBook

In order not to damage your MacBook, it is interesting to offer it infallible protection like the Novodio MacBook Case. Rigid, resistant and ultra-thin, this case will allow you to stop worrying about scratches or bumps. In addition, this MacBook protection is soft and pleasant to the touch thanks to the material it is made of: rubber. Blending perfectly with the shape of your MacBook, air circulation is optimal thanks to non-slip pads and openings at the bottom. Plus, you get to keep all of the MacBook’s connection ports! Find the one corresponding to your computer model among all that we offer.

Novodio Power’n Share – Multi-function multimedia box

The multimedia Swiss Army knife you won’t be able to do without. In fact, Power’n Share allows you to store your data, such as your voice notes, your contacts, your music, your photos or your videos. You can also share all this data with all the devices that can be connected to this box. The app is free and available for iOS and Android. Need to boost a WiFi signal? Do it with Power’n Share! And if there is no signal, plug this multifunction media box into an Ethernet port, it will create your Wifi signal. Finally, this little device also acts as an external battery. Powerful, it allows you to charge an iPhone 6 twice with a range of 16 hours in use. Discover more information by clicking on the following link!

iClooly U-Board – Office tablet

Problems organizing your workspace? No more iClooly U-Board tablet! Install a monitor, laptop or other device on it. A cup holder, three additional USB ports… Optimize your work space. Tempered glass also gives you much more strength than standard glass. Smartphone holders are also present on this desktop tablet, as well as anti-slip pads so that the tablet stays in place. We highly recommend it for organizing your desktop.

Storeva Arrow Type C – External Hard Drive

The external hard drive that matches perfectly with your MacBook. The Storeva Arrow Type C gives you up to 2TB of extra space to take with you wherever you go. Blazing-fast transfer speeds with USB 3.1 so you don’t waste time. Nothing is left to chance, even the colors adapt to those of your Mac. Mounting or replacing the internal drive very quickly is within the reach of the most neophytes among you. In addition, the hard drive is made of aluminum, which allows optimal heat dissipation. And you don’t have to worry about its autonomy, it is self-powered by USB.

Airwheel scooter – Electric and foldable

To finish this TOP of the accessories you need for back to school, it is not an object specially designed for your MacBook but THE way to move. The electric folding Airwheel scooter propels you wherever you want up to a speed of 20 km/h! You have a range of about twenty kilometers before having to recharge it. Its shape and its folding toe clips make it a very comfortable scooter. Height adjustable, fully foldable and weighing 11.6 kg, you can take it with you anywhere. In addition, thanks to the free app, you can check the status of your scooter.


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